Peru – 01/30/12 (Day 9) – 07:52am

We’re waiting to get on a car (van) to take us somewhere. Not clear where. But I do know that it will get us that much closer to Machu Picchu and the end of my pilgrimage.

Excited, nervous, happy, and a little disappointed. This has been a great trip, but it’s time to go home. We’re hooked up with some girls from Spain. Well, technically we hooked up the third day on the way from Choqek’iraw to Maizal, but now we’re officially traveling together whereas before we were just sharing camping sites.

Their names are Merce (Mercedes) and Nadal (I believe – even though I heard the names twice I just have no confidence in my ability w/names) and I’m not sure where in Spain they’re from. They discussed it w/Armando, but I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.

I have some sort of injury on my nose. I don’t know when I got it or how, but it’s…well, it’s not happy. I’ve smothered every part of me in sunscreen though, so maybe that will protect it 😉

Also? When camping, don’t get ANYTHING wet. My first mistake was in Yanapa when I decided to wash my trail pants and jeans (legs of the former, butt of the latter) and they basically never dried. The second mistake was being way overconfident in the water resistance of my boots. We passed through two “road waterfalls” yesterday, and rather than go barefoot I took a chance.

Today I’m in wet jeans and wet boots. WOOT.

My plan is to let the jeans dry on me (cause I’m so hot?) and wear 2 pairs of socks (plus bring 2 more with) to dry the boots through whatever the hell process you would call “socks sucking up all the moisture in my boots.”

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