Peru – 01/31/12 (Day 10) ~ 06:00am

My watch strap broke and went byebye, so times will likely be approximate going forward.

Yesterday was great – I might even say amazing! We took the car (van) to Santa Teresa and then took another to the hydroelectric plant on the Urubamba.

We couldn’t take our stuff because there was no train going from Hydro to Aguas Calientes, so we took what we needed for a few days travel and left the rest w/Valentin, who took a different car, or maybe bus, to Cuzco.

We walked from Hydro to Aguas, which was amazing. I’ve never felt more capable in my life – like I could do anything. I walked so fast and all the whole time, I felt like I could circle the world without stopping and do it in a few days max.

I have to get going, but to wrap up: We got to Aguas Calientes and changed my train ticket, then dropped our stuff off at the hostel. The girls checked into a different one (instead of camping as they’d planned) and we all had dinner together.

There we were off the market for supplies and tried to get their Machu Picchu tickets, but they didn’t have their passports as they’d left them at the hostel.

We parted ways and I hit an internet cafe where I found out that my flights were indeed on the 2nd, but for some reason the itinerary had me leaving at 9:55PM from LAX on 2/2, and arriving at 1:05AM at DIA on 2/2!

I got a chance to talk to LuAnne and Nathaniel (he says “yes” instead of “yeah” now!), who sounds so much older.

I changed my train ticket back to 2/1/ (3 bucks each time, LOL) and had a few happy hour drinks (4 for 1 – Pisco Sour, Pera Libre, Caipirinha, and Cusqueña) then a shower.

My feet, btw, are not OK. Turns out my sock idea was only partially good, as the regular socks under the wool negated the wool socks’ ability to absorb moisture from my feet. Leaving me with pruney (and ouchy!) feet.

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