Creating a Vortex

When you think about it, I’m not really trying to change the world. I’m just trying to bring out some of its better qualities. As a species we are capable of so much, but we’ve managed to drive all the passion and art out of living by standardizing what and how you acquire information, and to what purpose a “normal” person would use that information.

It has become an accepted standard that all students will go through a system that teaches them not only what to learn, but how to learn it – what I call a “Push” education. The student learns that if they are to succeed, they must understand two things 1) What the teacher wants them to learn and 2) What the standardized tests want them to know.

What I propose is a fundamental shift to that paradigm. A shift to a “Pull” education system where students are rewarded for teaching themselves the skills and information which they will need to be valuable members of society. One could argue that “valuable” is ambiguous and should be more clearly defined, but I would simply say that every person inherently knows if they are adding value. And if you believe you are but others disagree, what of it? It’s your own opinion of yourself that drives you.

I read something spot on recently about how to engender change in yourself – surround yourself with people who exemplify the characteristics you want to demonstrate.

That is exactly what we’re doing. Creating a place where patrons are surrounded by people who are starting or running their own business, creating things like robots and wearable tech, and constantly teaching themselves )and others) new skills and knowledge. These people are Makers and Learners, and they are already everywhere.

What we are doing is designing a focal point for the vortex of creation and personal entrepreneurship that these Makers and Learners naturally form when they come together. In the eye of that vortex people who just came in for a cup of coffee and have never thought to, or been too scared to question their world will look around – and oh, what marvelous things they will see through the dust which swirls around them.

I believe that our world is meant to be overrun by the inspired creation of our collective imagination and drive. I believe that that world is not in some unattainable Utopian future. And I believe that that world can come about by revolutionizing how we learn.

And you better believe that #LearningRevolution starts now.

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