Filling Time

One of the conversations I love having with people is around how much or how little time we have do do the things we care about.

I have two stories that come to mind around the relativity of time as we perceive it – one from Catch 22 and one from… I’m not sure where. Here’s what they boil down to: We choose how to fill the time we have.

The Catch 22 story is about a soldier in the military with the main character, Yossarian. This soldier has a singular belief that informs his existence – time moves more slowly when you’re bored.

And so he believes he’s stumbled on the key to nearly everlasting life: staying bored. He reasons that if time passes slowly when you’re bored and quickly when you’re excited, the best way to live as long a life as possible is to stay as bored as possible.

He’s not arguing that he will have MORE time if he stays bored. He’s simply recognizing that we control our perception of time and how we fill it – stay bored forever and it will feel like you live forever; stay excited and your life will pass by in a flash.

The second story is one that probably needs a background check but I believe in the premise. continue reading…