On 3/1 I had the great pleasure of hearing Ingrid Vanderveldt (@ontheroadwithiv) speak about making the Impossible possible.

It’s almost all about your perception of yourself and your life.

She told a great story about how when she was growing up she was forced to go to a “special” school because her teachers believed she was developmentally challenged.

To get to that school she rode in a “special” bus all by herself. Since one child on one bus was gumming up the works, she ended up being given a “special” parking spot.

So she here she was going to a “special” school on her “special” bus that parked in a “special” spot and young Ingrid thought to herself: “Wow. Look at all this ‘special’ stuff I get. I really must beĀ  Special!”

She could have taken it to mean she was capable of less, but instead she took it to mean she was capable of more.

And boy howdy was she right. After starting a few companies and hosting a prime time TV show, she’s leveraging her position as Dell’s Entrepreneur in Residence to empower 1 BILLION women by 2020.

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