Fear Too

Loved the serendipity of finding this post the same day as I published my own on fear.

Fearing less FTW


Punch fear in the Face.

Not so long ago I sat down with fear. We’re all familiar with the terror invoked by horror movies, but this was something far more insidious and dangerous: the fear we don’t even think about and the type most likely to wreak havoc on our lives.

Because the truth is that we all have things that can hold us back and fear is like a bad-ass bouncer in your heart and mind. It can block you from the real show if you let it.

I had to realize and accept just how much fear was holding me. I wasn’t having panic attacks (most will say I’m confidant and capable) but that didn’t change the fact that fear held me gently in its teeth, seldom biting down so I often forgot it was there.

That’s the worst: holding my breath in little ways; racing for no reason; giving away pieces of myself instead…

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