Bringing it All Together – Part 8

Connecting the Old Idea and New Idea

Figuring out a glaring need and a business model to address it felt great and all, but I still wanted to make the world a better place. So how did the two fit together?

Finding the answer took a while and that answer is still very much developing, but the most important piece started to become clear as I thought about the purpose of creating this great work place.

In fact, when it came it was a little disappointing in its presentation. I guess I had expected some sort of brilliant “A ha!” moment – a moment of sudden inspiration where the clouds parted, the angels sang, and a voice from above BOOMED the answer.

What actually happened was a lot more mundane. I asked myself the question: “What happened to the education idea? How does it relate to this?” And quite frankly, I just gave myself the answer: “Well, if we give people a great place to work, and make it easy for them to see what others are working on, they’ll get inspired. If they get inspired, they’ll want to do something they’re interested in. If they want to do something they’re interested in, they’ll want to learn more about it. So there you go.”

“Oh.” I thought to myself. “Duh.”

The connection made sense. Even if it hadn’t come in quite the flash of inspiration that I’d expected. And the more I described that connection to others, the more I came to believe in it myself. I didn’t realize it, but that realization and evangelizing of that connection became the core of a snowball that has been gathering mass ever since.

I still had a long way to go, but I knew this was the answer. I knew I was on the right track.  I wanted to create a kind of uber cafe, but I knew practically nothing about coffee or tea. So what now?

Fortunately, I was pretty sure I had an answer for that. Collaboration.

To be continued …

2 thoughts on “Bringing it All Together – Part 8

  1. I just read through most of the posts on this blog and your story absolutely fascinates me. I’m just a university student, but I desire what you desire: to make the world a better place. (That’s actually what most of my own blog is about.) But I am very anxious about moving off into the “real world” and figuring out how exactly I can accomplish that goal. Socrates said that only the examined life is worth living; my view is that only the life lived for the betterment of the world is worth living. It’s just a struggle to find out how I can establish that life. Any advice for me?

    • David,

      I shot you an email a long while ago but wanted to follow up when I stumbled back upon your comment.

      I’d love to have a discussion around living the right life and changing the world. Though I will have to begin by saying that I think the right life, the one worth living, is the one you believe is the right life. Also that the world is comprised of people, and people cannot be bettered by anyone but themselves… the change must come from within.

      That isn’t to say there’s no way to change the way the world IS, just that it starts by changing what the world WANTS.

      Anyway, hope to be able to chat soon.


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