Bringing it All Together – Part 7

On the surface, the new plan didn’t seem connected to the old one. What did creating a workplace have to do with rewarding people for learning? To tell the truth, I’m not sure that I knew how they were connected. I just knew that it felt right.

The only direct connection I could immediately make was that this space could empower anyone, even people who might not be able to afford an office space, membership to a space, etc.

Anyone would be able to come and work at the space and benefit from the tools and resources we were making available: A conference room overlooking the creek, private offices that could be rented by the hour, great wifi that doesn’t cut out or slow down, and power outlets everywhere.

That was really what grabbed me about the idea. It gave people flexibility, so they wouldn’t have to spend a ton on an all-inclusive membership, or leasing office space. In fact, one of the things I heard from Alyssa loud and clear, and that seemed like it applied to every business I saw running out of a coffee shop, was that for a small company, there aren’t a lot of options. One of the more poignant things she said to me was “I’ve given my employees the option – I can either spend the money on an office space, or spend it on healthcare and benefits.” The employees invariably chose the latter, which I think is totally understandable.

And why shouldn’t that be an option? It made total sense. And that was the premise upon which my model would be based: Give people the option.

I still didn’t know how this all tied in with education, but I knew I just had to wait to find out. And what do you know? I was right! Within the week the answer started becoming more clear.

To be continued …

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