This book is meant to inspire. It is meant to give people examples that they can relate to and learn from.

To that end, I want to acknowledge three very important things:

  1. Almost everything in here is just me. It’s honest, open, and pretty much entirely based on my opinion.
  2. This book is a work in progress. I invite comments, criticisms, and suggestions from anyone who’s willing to give them. I will make changes to what I’ve written based on that feedback (including/especially conflicting opinions) as well as my own editing process.
  3. I want this to be more than just my book. If you have a story to tell that you think is appropriate, send it to me and I will most likely post it! Or if you hear about something inspiring but don’t have time to write about it, send me a link and/or a brief description. I promise to use the information for good 🙂

Maybe this will all work out. Maybe it won’t. Maybe I’ll be forced to focus on other things for a while and let this take the back burner. But I know that I have to try to write this all down because there’s a chance it will make a difference.

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