Bringing it All Together – Part 6

The conversation with Alyssa defined the overall form of my business model: a collaborative space where people could pay for only the services that they needed and where members, in exchange for shouldering a monthly fee, would get discounts to the services they used as well as member-specific perks like 24-hour access and a proprietary social network. That model continues to be fleshed out – every day I have a conversation with some amazing person that I just met who says something that helps me refine the idea with a greater focus and understanding of what I need to do.

However, for all intents and purposes the model had finally taken form – I would create a space that filled a very blatant and glaring need: a place that had the social and high energy atmosphere of a cafe, and yet had the tools and resources that people needed to get their work done.

Cafes, especially in Boulder, always seem to be at 60% or more capacity. And most of those people aren’t there just for the coffee – they’re there to work. So why deny them the power outlets they need, the high speed and consistent wifi they crave? That’s not to say that all cafes are missing these things, just that on the whole there could be more of it.

So that was the need I wanted to fill. I wanted to create a cafe that was designed for the teleworker. A place where anyone could come in, grab a coffee and a sandwich, and work. They wouldn’t have to worry about where the power plugs were, or whether the wifi would cut out. They wouldn’t have to leave the building to talk on the phone, or worry about how long they had been sitting at their seat without buying anything.

More importantly, I realized that this was the perfect medium for growing my idea of the Knowledge Cafe. My original concept had been to reward people for learning – for seeking knowledge. What I was planning now seemed like a radical change but was really just a slight shift in perspective.

It was all just a question of how that space was implemented. The answers to that question were already bubbling in my brain and presenting themselves from random conversations with excited individuals.

Together, we were creating a solution to what I believe is one of our world greatest challenges. A challenge whose time has come.

Empowering people to change their world. Inspiring the world to change itself.

To be continued …

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