It’s a Big Dream

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail I recently sent describing what we’re trying to accomplish. I thought it did a really good job of explaining what we’re doing and why, so I wanted to share it here.


Part cafe, part event venue, and part collaboration/co-working space, we’re creating what I think can best be described as an Entrepreneurship Incubator. It’s being designed to provide a comfortable and functional work space for Boulder’s entrepreneurs, artists, students, and makers to create and collaborate on their businesses and projects.

We are creating a culture of entrepreneurship using:

  • A proprietary, member-only social network with project and business pages, tutoring connections, and “in building presence” using RFID
  • Weekly scrum meetings where members can talk about challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments
  • A micro-job board a la Mechanical Turk to allow members to be rewarded for helping each other
  • Shared resources like a conference room, private offices, and workstations which can all be rented by the hour
  • Other items which are still in the works

And here’s the exciting part. The behind the curtains part I don’t always talk about: In the middle of that miasma of creative energy – that culture of “I can do that” – we will have the cafe, event venue, wine bar, and bakery attracting people from off the street with great events and a great space to hang out in. Unwittingly, these people will be wandering into a culture that is unlike anything most of them have ever experienced.

They will be surrounded by people following their passions and turning their dreams into reality. All around them they will see evidence of people working to change their world. Not far-off and mystical people in the news, magazines, or books, but real people within arms reach who are creating the next big thing in art, robotics, web, or other technologies.

And if even 1% of those people come away thinking “Wow, I could do that …” then all we have to do is tap them into the building’s community and the tools and resources available there and they can truly become the masters of their own destiny.

Then? Then we export the business model. San Fran, Five Points, Manhattan, East St Louis – we balance the profit centers with centers in areas with less opportunity and wealth. We start spreading that culture of opportunity and entrepreneurship everywhere. The US, the Americas, Europe, Japan, rural India, South Africa, and the rest of the world.

If we manage to replicate that 1% success rate around the world – that’s the change maker. Even if we only inspire 1% of 1% of the world’s population to take their future into their own hands and give them the tools and resources to do it, that’s success. That’s the new world we’re all looking for.

It’s a big dream, I know, but what’s the point of dreaming small?

3 thoughts on “It’s a Big Dream

  1. Good on you!
    Hello from Sydney. 3 years ago left my job in finance of 17 years. I had stopped feeling that I was doing good, my heart was no longer it.
    I’m self employed now, an ”entrepreneur”. I’ve always been a big idea girl, that is me, ideas queen! Some of the visions I have had have fallen by the wayside, sadly. I think the idea of collaboration, the power that comes with other great souls & minds is all important, it is food, nourishment. I’ve been doing much on my own (but i do now have the product i had hoped to produce!) and it really has been a struggle, and dry at times 😦 the resistance, the procrastination. So the idea of trying to pull this all together (your vision) makes loads of sense and makes my heart soar! Just wish I were there.
    Tell you what, if anyone wants to help me out with finding distributors, a market for my product, I’d love that. Maybe there is a way to link in after all. A big picture, an all-round win-win!
    Another thing, you may come across the beast of the ”lost identity”, ah the workings of the ego, just stay True to your vision, we are not what we do! And it is the process, the journey, not the destination.
    This is my gig:

    • Denise,

      First off, what a great product you have! So much easier and more lightweight than a traditional vest, while maintaining the same high visibility!

      The Facebook/Twitter links on your home page don’t seem to work – feel free to post a link to both here 🙂

      I really appreciate your feedback, support, and suggestions. And don’t worry about not being here – we’re going to package up all the information on how to make one of these spaces in any community, and then you can start your own with our support! Though Boulder IS pretty awesome … 😉

      And regarding hooking up with distribution and market research here, well I’m sure that will be one of the many benefits of having so much (and so varied) talent in one space. Keep up with my updates and as soon as we have a public website with our talent and skill listings, you’ll be one of the first to know!

      Finally, your comment on the journey being the thing – I very much agree! In fact in my journal from Peru ( I reflect on that exact same idea.

      It’s too bad we can’t bridge the ocean divide for a drink or coffee… maybe we should settle for Skype 🙂

      • Hey there- thanks for getting back.
        I imagine Boulder is awesome, but hey so is the beach at BONDI!
        Thanks for your encouragement/support of the monkeysee harness.
        If you are hooked into a cycling community I’ll happily send you one – maybe you can run a competition and/or I can get some feedback.
        I have committed to twitter yet…I’m not sure it is where I really want to go (aren’t we overloaded really?!) But I will send you my facebook
        If there is a better place to put it and share the love please go right ahead!
        Happy to connect in via skype for a chat. email me at (address removed with Denise’s permission)

        Bob Moawad said:

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