Bringing it All Together – Part 1

Things have been happening so quickly since I left my employer at the end of the year – maybe it’s about time to recap the journey.

When Steve Jobs died I was absolutely devastated. I’m no Apple fanboy – in fact I’m more of a Googl-ite than anything. But there is simply no denying the impact he had on our world, especially with regard to how we interact with computers and smart devices.

Pretty much that whole night I read through everything I could about his life and what he’d accomplished, and then in the morning I watched his commencement speech on YouTube.

And then I decided to quit my job.

It was simple, really. He had done almost everything he was best known for AFTER he was booted from Apple, and that had been in his early thirties. I felt like I had a duty to stop dreaming and start doing, because if he could do all that after thirty, then I could at the very least try.

And if I failed? So what. I have learned one thing more than anything else in life, and that is that if you believe in yourself and the decisions you’re making, they’ll always (ultimately) be the right ones.

So I gave notice – 3 months of it. I had no intention of leaving my current employer in a lurch, and from a personal perspective it seemed most logical to start my new endeavor in the new year.

It took about 2 months for the anxiety to start.

What was I doing? What was the point? How could I possibly change anything? I mean, really, the world is the way it wants to be, right? What about money? What about my sanity?? I’d never worked for myself before with very few exceptions, and those were just a few part time consulting gigs I did more for entertainment than anything.

How could I possible justify leaving everything I had – a great work “family”, medical coverage, decent (and steady) pay … not to mention being able to just walk into work, do my thing, and have someone else run the show.

But it wasn’t a choice. I had to try. If only because if I didn’t, I would never be able to look my children in the face and tell them that they could be anything they want to be – they just have to put their mind to it.

I don’t believe that anyone can be anything. But something I believe with all my heart and soul is that everyone should try. Because real success is learning and growing regardless of the outcome, and with that definition there’s simply no way to fail.

3 thoughts on “Bringing it All Together – Part 1

  1. So spectacular … what a space…. Joanne thought it was unbelievable …. Suggestions …. I am sure you have heard a thousand-million of these… so skip if you wish

    keep it as much the same as possible. Lots of plain bright white panels to cover ugly spots Lots of moveable glass panels with drapes plan on lots of posters, paintings , hangings, carpets , ( moveable things ) Have some white removeable graffiti panels with themes keep the old name

    We may not be able to add much to your effort… We will do what we can….. We want to teach classes at this place What is the name of the historic photography building ?

    Do you want publicity or no ?

    Gus and Joanne

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