Featured in the Daily Camera

I’m excited to announce that the space we’re creating has been featured in the Daily Camera, Boulder’s excellent newspaper.

Following an amazing “debut” and very warm reception at the Boulder Open Coffee Club, I was approached by Alicia Wallace, business reporter for the Camera.

We scheduled some time for Richard, Alicia, and I to chat, and this is the outcome!

Here are a few great excerpts:

Two local businessmen have leased the long-vacant building off Broadway and Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder with plans to “resurrect” the historic creekside property to serve local “makers, entrepreneurs and thinkers.”

“(The building) is meant to do something great; it’s meant to be at the heart of things,” Macy said.

The boarded basement windows would be punched out and LED lighting would be added to illuminate the subterranean area that will house a variety of for-rent art studios, offices and co-working spaces.

A wine bar operator has expressed interest in leasing a portion on the main level, where they imagine a collection of independent food and beverage operators will sell items such as coffee and baked goods. The focal point of the main level will be an indoor café and outdoor patio designed for creation and collaboration, Macy said.

Here’s a link to the full article if you’d like to read it – I hope you will!

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