Peru – 02/02/12 (Day 12) ~ 11:30am

I’ve passed through immigration in Lima quickly and w/o issue, and now I’m at the gate for my flight to LA.

I’m going to miss Peru. It was a wonderful experience and I’ve enjoyed being surrounded by Spanish. It’s a little faster than Mexican Spanish, I think, and the accent is tangibly different but not enough to describe. Also, the places I walked through on my hike were
incredible. Makes you want to live there. Honestly, I’d want to live in Machu Picchu if it weren’t for all the tourists. I wonder if there’s anywhere else we could find a mountain climate like that…

I was totally frisked by the police @Cuzco, btw. They said they do it for all passengers w/an international destination and I’m like “uh huh”.

They were good guys, though. Very nice, and seemed very honest and on the level. I actually felt like they were honestly doing their job because they believed it was important. If you’ve dealt w/police in Latin America, or even occasionally in the US, you know how rare that can be.

They asked me a few times about how long I’d been traveling, how long in Cuzco, etc. I get the impression they were testing my answers. I just answered openly and honestly – I am a chatty bitch 🙂

They questioned my Clif Bars, so I let them open one and try it. No big loss as I can’t imagine needing them much now! They’re good snack food, though.

They checked the big bag, passport, etc. It’s funny because I had to sign my name in a book on the way out and it only had, like, four names. Four names? Really? And you’re checking everyone?

Ah well, I could see how I would look suspicious. Remind me to never try running drugs! 🙂 But yeah…nice, honest-looking guys.

I bought Nathaniel some of my favorite chocolate while I was here: Nestle “Sublime”. It was a double-size bar, but $4 (11 soles)!! Oh well, I wanted to bring him some. So, that brings my “gifts for N” tally up to: one small, locally made guitar; two locally-made finger puppets; one bar of chocolate. Yes, I resisted a hell of a lot. I have no clue how I’ll manage w/two kids, especially an adorable little girl that will likely OWN me! 🙂

I really want to travel with them. This world isn’t changing any time soon (drastically) and the more exposure they get to all the cultures and languages of the world, the better. Maybe in that way they’ll also realize that everything is one expression of the same thing – just…what was that expression – smoky mirrors. Windows with different qualities looking out onto the same melting landscapes.

Or as I like to think of it, streams of the same river. The Apumayu.

I’d like to do some more hiking. I’ve heard of a trail in Australia and one in Spain. There’s also the John Muir trail. I feel like it slows you down in a good way – helps you appreciate  nature, life, breath, etc.

Maybe I could take N. It might be hard to adjust at first, but at his age he learns so quickly! We could bring a few things from home and just go for a weekend – but I like the idea of hiking between campsites. Even if they’re just a short distance apart! I’ll have to run it by LuAnne.

So much that I want to do. Will there be enough time? Start a business, raise a family, hike the world…We make our time.

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