Peru – 02/02/12 (Day 12) ~ 08:40am

I’m sitting in the waiting/boarding area for my flight to Lima. I should arrive by 11:10,
which would give me 45 minutes to get to the plane for boarding. Not a lot of time.

Ugh – peeling skin. Makes me feel hideous. I wouldn’t mind the whole thing if it weren’t
for the white withered skin that’s trying to come off and failing miserably. THis has to be
the worst/ugliest it’s been since I was a kid.

I’m sitting across from a man that looks very familiar, but I can’t place it. I’ll have to ask
if they’ve been through Boulder or AZ. Odd.

What are my top ten memories?

In no order:
The top of Machu Picchu.
Crossing the White River.
The view from Yanama.
Making it to Choquequira from Rosalinda.
Cresting the top of the trail from Rosalinda to Choquequira.
Having a snack at the top of the first pass after Cachora.
Dinner with the girls on Tuesday night.
Beating the horses to the pass from Maizal to Yanama.
Sitting in front of the Sacred Stone.
Horseback riding and spelunking w/Tom + Phoebe.


Sushi and drinks w/my sister + Gen.


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