Peru – 02/01/12 (Day 11) ~ 06:30pm

I’m on the train to Ollantaytambo, then I’ll taxi it to Cuzco and pack my bags once I’m at Samay Wasi.

I hope I didn’t book my flights too close together. I failed to think about all the other “memorable experiences” I’ve had trying to get from an arriving international flight to a departing national flight.

Either way I guess we’ll see what happens – no sense in worrying now!

One change is that I’ve decided to take a taxi from the airport. Since I forgot my ecopass the Sky Ride would cost me about $13, which combined w/the hotel is $65. Taxi should be $89 or so, so for 24 bucks I sleep in my own bed. I had thought that I would prefer to sleep a full night with no interruptions, but it turns out I really just want to see my little boy. And wife, obviously, but I really want to give Nathaniel a big hug and kiss.

Climbed to the top of MP mountain today. It was really amazing up there, and of course the beautiful weather helped :). Fortunately there’s been really great weather this whole trip. I think of that as another sign of me doing the right thing.

I took several panoramic shots, and did a video of Daddasaurus for Nathaniel. I was assisted by my expert videographer, Cesar, who I met at the peak. He works for the park and we had a really great conversation. He explained a lot about Machu Picchu and I taught him how to say some things he wanted to know in English.

Riding the train I can’t help but think about the girls. They’re probably already in Cuzco, so that’s good, but I miss their smiles and conversation. Sometimes I just sat and listened as they spoke to each other – it’s very melodic, that Spanish from Spain.

After a decent amount of time on the peak I said goodbye and headed back down. The trail was very steep and almost entirely steps. Small steps. Especially for someone with feet like mine.

I headed off to the Sun Gate (Intipunku) but I don’t think I ever intended to get there. I stopped about a quarter of the way there at a large piece of bedrock that was pretty clearly a sacred place of some sort. I can’t tell you much other than that it made me feel safe, quiet, and – full? Solid? It’s hard to describe.

I sat in front of it and meditated for a while. I felt as if something around my head (maybe I still felt my hat) was pulling it back. I kept letting my head tilt back until it was all it would go, then I opened my eyes and saw a face I had been certain would be there.

I took a picture (though I had left all my things outside out of respect) and, though I’m a little ashamed to admit it, I broke off a piece of the rock.

I can’t decide why, but I think it was the right thing to do.

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