Peru – 02/01/12 (Day 11) – 07:30am

Today is my final full day in Peru. I have one final trek to make – the peak of Machu Picchu. I’ll be leaving some stuff at the hostel, including this notebook, to keep my pack a little lighter.

The weather has been pretty great so hopefully it will keep up. Yesterday my socks dried pretty well, so I finally have a new pair on. I also noticed that they all smell like cat pee, which makes me think that in either Yanama or Colpapampa my boots made a new friend when they stayed out. There was a friendly black cat @Colpapampa, so I guess that’s likely the answer.

White vinegar boot bath time!

Ok well, I guess this is “so long” until I get back!

…Maybe I’ll spot a wild Daddasaurus at the peak…

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