Peru – 01/29/12 (Day 8) – 06:44pm

Today was pretty incredible. We walked along this amazing valley bordering the Santa Teresa and slowly made our way through another valley filled with streams formed by melting snow, and surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

Gradually we made our way (me on horse sometimes) up to a high pass – I think it was over 4,600 meters. We were surrounded by snow and the beginnings of glacial streams (runoff streams) as we both ascended and descended. Delfin was in SANDALS the whole time. I have to say – I pretty much view him as a god among men. He’s sincere, strong, diligent, and kind. He embodies a multitude of virtues I would like to see in myself. If a man like that were given the reins in this world, I think we’d be a lot better off. As he walked through the snow as if it didn’t exist, his toes usually buried in snow, keeping the horses moving and in line, I couldn’t help but mentally compare him to a stoic Greek hero. If I could have half his qualities and only 25% as much of them, I think I’d be a pretty awesome-er person.

Oh – speaking of which, Armando and I had a great conversation about the potential for Fair Trade business. I’d really like to explore putting something like that in the retail space of the Knowledge Cafe.

It looks like we might hit MP tomorrow! If we can get to AC early enough I can make it to the citadel and have a few hours there. Then the next day I climb Machu Picchu mountain!

Everything is working out!

Even better, Valentin just told me that a vehicle (carro is generic for automobile) is coming to pick us up in the morning, so we will definitely be on track to make it to MP in good time.

The best part is that I get to see my beautiful wife and beautiful boy soon. I know I sound like a total sap, but Nathaniel changed everything. Of course I loved LuAnne, and missed her when I was gone, but our love has changed from a burning fire to smoldering embers, and that’s great! We’re stable and steady and always there for each other. We’ve become each others best friend, but more than that, we’ve truly become soulmates, or the closest you can get to it!

But Nathaniel – I mean I loved him (or the idea of him) when all I knew were the kicks he thumped out on LuAnne’s belly whenever I would read to him (and LuAnne) at night. But when I met him – when he calmed down on the heating table when he heard my voice, then started looking around at his new world, that was when I fell madly and deeply in love with him, and it just grows every day. It’s ridiculous because I’ve never been so enamored with everything someone or something does. It’s like, if he screams, poops, hits, or bites, it’s just as magical as if he laughs, roars (like Daddasaurus), asks “a daddago”, or completes a puzzle. I mean seriously…how is it even possible to shift your perspective in life so completely in the 10 minutes between birth and the heating table? Because that’s when it happened.

And it’s not like I was Mr. Let’s Have a Baby. In fact, I was Mr. What’s Going to Happen to Our Lives??

But I guess it doesn’t matter, because now I’m Mr. I Would Do Anything For That Amazing Little Boy.

I can’t wait to go home and see him – and maybe one day share this adventure with him.

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