Peru – 01/28/12 (Day 7) – 08:19pm

Found my pen! I had remembered putting it in something – turns out it was my duffel bag! I’m dressed real cozy tonight. After waking up a little cold and having that throat itch, I’m playing it safe.

Also, it’s cold.

Have I mentioned how fortunate I’ve been to be on this trail right now? Firstly, Valentin and Delfin are awesome, and probably we wouldn’t have had them if the trip had started earlier or later…you know what? Nothing would have been the same so why don’t I just mention what I’m grateful for?

1) An awesome team. Valentin and Delfin are incredible people and great at what they do.

2) Armando the laid back guide that gets along well w/everyone including me.

3) The beautiful weather we’ve had this whole time. It’s been occasionally sunny, usually overcast, and rarely rainy other than a few “mistings” throughout the day. If you’ve been hiking/camping for long periods, you know why this is good!

4) This beautiful trail! I am seeing things I know I wouldn’t see otherwise, but more importantly I’m really getting a chance to experience the culture in this area, as well as some of Peruvian culture.

5) I have seen much more of the remains of the Incan civilization throughout the area than I would likely have seen just doing Machu Picchu. To be honest, it’s made me more and less excited for Machu Picchu. More because it is the culmination of my Inca experience and the release of this pent up excitement. Less because it’s clear to me that MP is such a small part of the Incan culture that remains buried or repurposed today, all around me on this trail and everywhere else they were.

6) Its so silly and hokey, but I’m grateful to have a great family to come back to. I miss talking to LuAnne, and I miss talking to Nathaniel. I miss dinner, and TV, and waking up, and bath time, and coming home excited about the cafe, and “Dada!” <hug>, and T.Rex, and the occasional night out, and books (brush teeth, jammies, 2 books, ninitime!), and so much more. I can’t wait to go home!

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