The New Education

I’m going to start with a statement, and I want you to think about it for a moment before you continue reading:

“The education system is perfectly well suited for the world of today, and positioned to be equally well suited for the world of tomorrow.”

If you would indulge me, take a moment to read that statement again.

How does it make you feel? If you’re like me, there’s a slight tugging in your mind that feels a little like disbelief. Of course anything described as perfect is bound to disappoint, but that’s not where the disbelief comes from. I think it comes from deeper than that – a part of us that intuitively knows that the system not only isn’t perfect, but is very deeply flawed.

But the greatest flaw in our system isn’t that it tends to focus on certain very specific styles of learning, or that it enforces standards which have little or no bearing on our societal needs. The greatest flaw in our system is that what it teaches most effectively is a reliance on Push Education – to the extent that very few (as a percentage) realize that Pull Education is even a viable option!

We live in a world where people engage with education in much the same way they engage with their television. They may select the channel, but the majority of their time is spent watching, waiting, and tuning out during the occasional commercial break.

We’re changing that. We’re creating a space here in Boulder that will grow and nurture a new culture – a culture of learning and doing which will inspire people to realize that THEY are in charge. THEY have the ability to determine what they’re going to learn, when, and with whom. A culture that brings out the Learner and Maker in all of us.

We are creating the next big step in the #LearningRevolution. Want in?

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