Peru – 01/27/12 (Day 6) – 09:07pm

We had a pretty impressively long day today. Started with Chokek’iraw(sp?) and saw
the spectacular city amidst the clouds. We occasionally got a break and saw down into
the valley – it was spectacular.

From there we ascended pretty high before we started a descent that seemed to take
forever. We went all the way down to the white river, which is so called because it’s fed
by a giant glacial waterfall, which means it’s not full of sediment and brown like the other

We passed quite a few terraces of Inca origin on our way down before reaching what
I consider the best break area ever. This giant amphitheater carved into the mountain.
Stones jutted out of the walls and I originally thought they were for sitting but I’ve since
changed that hypothesis (“he means an idea you can test”) to be that they were
steps to get from one level to the next without going all the way to the stairs.

I wonder if they had some concerts there… 😉

The white river was pretty great. Small in comparison to the Apurimac, but still fast. It
almost bowled me over, and I’m no pansie!

We ate lunch by the river and it was wonderful. The food (quinoa and chicken w/
avocado) was of course great, but the views were what made the meal. On every side
we were surrounded by mountains.

The Apurimac, White River, and one other all seem to meet at this one place, which is
overlooked by the stately Chokek’iraw(sp??).

Climbing up we could see the mountains we’d walked along on the first day, with more
incredible mountains and valleys to either side.

Strategically, and in terms of the sun, Choqek’iraw was certainly situated very well!

Through the day I tried to walk in a way which would not injure my leg. I did pretty
well until very near the White River when I slipped several times and most definitely
managed to hurt myself.

Armando insisted that I ride a horse up, and its a good thing I listened. We made very
good time and I don’t think I caused too much more damage. We’ll see tomorrow.

It’s late – I should go to bed.

We’re getting up early tomorrow and I may end up on horseback again. But you know
what? That’s OK. I never said I had to do this all on foot for the journey to be worth
it. Otherwise my pilgrimage (because that seems to be what it is) would have started
walking from Boulder!

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