Being the Change I Want to See

There are a lot of changes that I would love to see in this world. Peace, justice, food, happiness, and shelter for all being a small part of those.

But to me the first and most important change is around how we value ourselves and each other. How capable we are as individuals to live the life that we want to make for ourselves. It’s not charity – it’s empowerment.

I believe that the greatest injustice in this world is the lack of access to resources resulting either from ignorance which could be informed, or intentional withholding which needs to be stopped. So many people could have better and happier lives if they simply knew what they were capable of and how to find/use the tools and resources they need to effect that change.

In this world full of technology we have access to an mostly unlimited source of information (the internet) almost everywhere we go. More importantly, we have access to a COMPLETELY unlimited source of information through the ability to converse with millions of people around the world. People with different knowledge and skills which can be tapped for learning and growth.

At the end of December I left Amadeus Consulting to pursue my dream: to change the way the world acquires information so that everyone everywhere is empowered to make the life they want.

Change takes time, I know that. But now the clock is finally ticking for the change I want to see most in this world.

For more information on how this change is starting, keep tabs on this blog in the coming months. You can also follow me @ChristianMMacy on Twitter and stay up to date on the #LearningRevolution.

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