Peru – 01/26/12 (Day 5) – 02:55pm

Holy crap that was a climb. We went from 1,550 meters to, like, 3,000 meters in something like 4 hours. That was over the space of about 8km. It was really hard, and honestly it was incredible how high we got so fast!

My knee bothered me a little on the way up, but was fine for the most part. It wasn’t until we started going down occasionally that I ran into issues. I’m worried again, to the point that I almost think we should skip Choquequirao [sp?] and let my knee rest more before tomorrow.

I don’t know. Either way I suspect I’ll be going to bed pretty early.

Also, we stopped for a break overlooking the canyon (valley?) after the climb and the cutest  little girl came to take our money. She must have been five or six. It made me think of Nathaniel being that age – what he’ll be like.

I don’t want to miss all the parts in between now and that age, but I kinda can’t wait. 🙂

Time to try for a nap!

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