Peru – 01/26/12 (Day 5) – 05:50am

Feeling more inspired after waking up. Partially due to my victory over the sleeping bag.
I thought it was going to really suck getting that thing in the stuff sack, but it didn’t. Not
even a little, actually.

Apparently I left my water shoes (from our honeymoon) at the hostel, so I’m barefoot
without my boots. Though I did bring my slippers, so, you know, that’s something…or

I’ve decided to push on for a few reasons: 1) I’m stubborn about these things. 2) My
knee is much better, though still hurting. 3) I think the pain is in my ACL and that it
resulted from (ironically) the knee brace I was wearing. I think this mostly because
before I put the brace on the pain was in my patella, and after it was in my ACL – I
think… it’s the right side along the right knee. 4) I did not come this far just to turn back – see

I’ve told Armando (the guide) that when Delfin (horse wrangler/arriero) and Valentin
(cook) pass us I’ll make the final decision about going forward or turning back.

Today should be all uphill, so it may have less obvious consequences on my knees. But
still my main concern is the days after which include many ups and downs.

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