Peru – 01/25/12 (Day 4) – 08:38PM

I think I’m broken. The day started off great, with us making good time to the pass
where we took a break. But that’s when trouble started.

We got to the pass around 2pm, and we should have been able to make the campsite
by 6, but we started going exclusively downhill and so did my knee.

By the time we got to the camp around 7:30 I could barely imagine taking another step.
Almost any downhill caused me EXCRUCIATING pain.

I was also sweating like a pig and weak in the legs from all the extra effort to stay
walking and not just collapse in a heap sobbing. That and almost every one of my
movements was calculated to minimize the risk of further injury.

I guess we’ll see tomorrow if it worked.

I have a tough decision ahead of me. There are 5 more days at the least before we hit
Machu Picchu. And that’s if we make good time AND luck out in finding a ride to save time on the last day.

To further complicate matters, it appears I booked my flights a day too early. I should
have been leaving Aguas Calientes on 2/1, but that’s the day I have my flights! So
unless we get there a day early, I only get one day in Machu Picchu.

But the real question is my knee. What level of confidence am I willing to have in it?

Should I just turn back, go back to Cuzco, and take the bus/train to Machu Picchu instead?

More importantly, what kind of damage am I risking if I don’t? I can’t hobble along like
this the rest of the way, but I seemed fine on level and inclined ground. I just couldn’t do
the decline.

I’m not scared, but I feel very uncomfortable right now. And that has surprisingly little to
do with my general lack of an affinity for camping.

Here’s to hoping that sleep fixes everything.

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