Peru – 01/22/12 (Day 1) – 04:37pm

I’m on the plane – AA flight 3822 to LA. I was just reading Sir Richard Branson’s “Screw Business as Usual” when I had a thought: Why should some of the most important conversations in our world only be perceived as happening between the most important people? I don’t know if I said that right – the context is a passage where Barack Obama and the Queen of England are talking about foreign policy and climate change. I thought to myself: “there are so many brilliant people in the world, so why should the rich and famous, and for that matter the political elite, only talk among themselves?” Wouldn’t it be neat if a person’s conversational skill and knowledge could be voted on in order to bring people together to talk about interesting things? Wouldn’t it be neat if we could crowd-source conversation “match making?”

And wouldn’t it be neat if one of the side benefits of that system was the people in power requesting attendance?

I wonder if that’s something Google Hangout could help to accomplish?

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