Peru – 01/22/12 (Day 1) – 01:10pm

I’m on the ABX to DIA. My heart started breaking this morning while I played with Nathaniel and took pictures of us together. It snapped completely when i got on the bus, and as it drove away Nathaniel started screaming/crying. I’m going to miss him so much. I will, of course, miss LuAnne and our Squishy as well, but the former I’ve known so long, and the latter I’ve not met yet. And even with (or maybe because of) all the screaming and crying, I still feel like I’m in the honeymoon phase.

I’m not really used to writing as I think. Normally I just kind of sit there and stare out at the world around me while the miasma of my mind churns and bubbles away. I find that it’s actually pretty hard to keep writing in a single train of thought instead of letting my mind go its own way. While i can understand how that might seem like a good thing, in reality it feels too restrained. Too restricted.

I had a conversation with Lisa Calkins (CEO of Amadeus Consulting) at one point and she suggested that for meetings it makes sense to take a lot of notes, but then review them and transfer the important ones, discarding the rest. I think the same could be applied to thoughts – capture them all and transfer the good stuff, then discard the rest.

If only I could capture them all so that that process could happen outside my head, but i can’t write, type, or talk as quickly as they come up.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with that issues, but no solution presents itself. I guess that’s another need waiting to be filled: “Thought translation and transcription…” now THAT would make someone a billionaire. 🙂

The bus should get to the airport before 2pm, so I’ll have 2 hours before boarding. I might go check out the Admiral’s Club, but that will depend on where it is. If it’s before security, forget it.

I guess I’ll check back in when i’m on the plane and I’ve finally realized all the things I forgot!! 😉

PS: Double Cap @ Amante’s is NOT helping my nerves!

POST TRIP UPDATE: The Admiral’s Club is after security in Concourse A, which makes it pretty convenient to use regardless of carrier. Also? It was awesome. If you have a long layover, you may well want to consider paying for a day pass.

4 thoughts on “Peru – 01/22/12 (Day 1) – 01:10pm

      • walking away from your kids is the hardest part.
        I remember how devastated Camila was when I left on a work trip.
        Then I cried my eyes out once in the plane.

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